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COIMBATORE DIABETES FOUNDATION was established by Dr. V. Sekar in 1991, as a small diabetes clinic inR.S. Puram, Coimbatore, and registered as a medical trust in 1995 by Dr. V. Sekar.


Dr.V.Sekar MBBS., Dip. Diabetology
FOUNDER in Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation

Dr. V. Sekars’ blue Print for the nation is Coimbatore diabetes foundation, the leader in multi-specialty Diabetes care hospitals in Coimbatore, nationally and internationally known for their adoption of professional standards. COIMBATORE DIABETES FOUNDATION is the visual brainchild of all. All their seeds of desire sown with dedication and nurtured with concerted effort sprouted and now stands before us as the imposing structure of COIMBATORE DIABETES FOUNDATION which delivers service to society and persons with Diabetes.


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  • How to control Diabetes without medicine 
  • How to Control your Diabetes with minimal Medicine

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